New sex-related apps on the verge to become popular

sensual woman checking mobile

When it comes to dating and social apps, there are plenty of different alternatives nowadays. Since the boom of “Tinder”, around 2013, that specific market has increased exponentially in terms of volume and in the number of similar apps which almost all have a similar format, based on the swipe movement. But when you are looking into some alternatives, you might find that you are limited in terms of options.

However, it looks like that is changing recently, with the introduction of some correlated and niche alternatives, as for example to adult apps consumers with Swipe porn, or a sexual performance app called “Lover”. New apps are trying to engage the new Swipe generation into other formats and content.

If you’ve ever been tired of using the same dating app(s) and can’t find any alternative that suits your needs, you are not alone. Either you are looking into diversity, to spice up your choices or simply tired of the format and usage that those apps present. If that’s the case, then you’ve reached the right article to offer you some alternatives:

Looking into spicier content? – “The smartest Porn Application, just Swyp”: this recently created porn videos app will suit you if you are looking into the same type of swiping apps but in this case with the content being pornographic videos. The amount of videos currently under this similar TikTok function app is immense and looks like growing day by day. If you are already an avid porn consumer or if you just see porn in your mobile from time to time, this kind of new app for porn might get you addicted and make you switch from the traditional free content websites around the web.

new porn app

Quinn – The Audio Porn Platform: they call themselves, the internet’s best-kept secret, and we might agree on that after experiencing the first audios. Turning audio and pornographic texts into a product to be consumed has been the goal of its founder, Caroline Spiegel, which targets mainly the female market (but has also been spread and consumed by men). The ultimate goal: bringing sexual content without images or videos, by exploring other senses of the human body and encouraging female masturbation.

A look into the future of sex

Harmony AI: fancying to customize what could be your future Sex Robot (or “Sexbot”) even if you are not willing to order it? Realbotix, a company specialized in creating personal sex robots has created Harmony AI, an app originally created to customize the mind of the robot “Harmony” that is since 2018 available for Android users. You can create and customize your own digital avatar (also its personality) for sexual purposes despite that you are not willing to buy it in the end.

Gamification and sexual performance

Desire: the recent trend of gamification has also arrived in the sex and date apps market. The Desire app, available for Android and iOS for free, let’s you challenge your partner into numerous categories (more than 40.000 to be exactly) like “fantasy”, “outdoor” or “Kitchen” for you both to try while reaching higher levels. It lets you send spicier dares and settles a timer for the challenge to be accomplished.

Lover: looking to increase your sexual performance together with your partner? If so, you should try this app, which makes a kind of personality sex text, letting you know in the end (and secretly) what you have in common with your sexual partner. Also, it comes with a series of sexual tips and exercises that can improve your sex relationship made by specialists and proved to increase your desire and performance in bed.

Innovation to lead the way in sex apps

If none of those apps mentioned above are what you are looking for, that’s pretty natural and in fact that list just sums up a small fraction of the apps which are available related to sex and dating. The trend is for the market to continue growing and to diversify while users are looking into more personal and innovative formats of apps.