FC Seoul and sex dolls!

Image of sex dolls in a stadium

With the Covid-19 pandemic hitting everyone, it is no surprise that football didn’t escape the consequences. Play was only allowed to resume in empty stadiums, which meant that a lot of clubs had to think of creative solutions to make the stadiums feel less empty. One club took it too far apparently. FC Seoul, a top-flight South Korean side has apologized recently after fans accused them of using sex dolls in the stadium stands. At first the club said they were “premium mannequins” but they admitted that the dolls were made by a company that produced sex toys.

Some of the dolls were actually holding signs advertising pornographic sites like bbw. If you did not know, porn is banned in South Korea. The supplier of the mannequins told the BBC they had apologized to FC Seoul. Yet they repeated again that the dolls were just “premium mannequins.”

What happened exactly?

FC Seoul were about to play their first home match of the K League season. As stated before, the stadium was empty because it was one of the many measures taken by the government to prevent an outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. Apparently, before the match started, the club was contacted by a company called Dalcom, and this company offered to fill some of the empty seats to which the club said yes. There were a total of 30 mannequins – 28 of them female, and two male.

As the match was being played, some fans watching online noticed that some of the mannequins looked a bit like sex dolls, with some of the dolls actually having advertising material for some porn sites. This lead to an apology from the club on social media – like Twitter and Facebook.

Dalcom said the advertisements came from a sex toy company that put orders with Dalcom and decided to take pictures of the mannequins before the game. “They were supposed to take all the logos down before the game started”, “But there were several hairbands and logos left to be caught by public eye.”