Fashion Design Books For Newbies

Fashion Design Books For Newbies

Fashion designers are the type of people who are perennially cool. These individuals design the clothes we wear, determine styles, and also somehow manage for us to view beauty in a new way. Most creatives have, at some point or another, thought about designing clothing.

Do you want to become one of the next big designers showing their creations in new york fashion week? If so, these fashion design books are perfect choices for anyone who wants to start his or her own fashion business.

Patternmaking for Fashion Design

This book has become a staple for fashion designers because it’s easy to understand, easy to learn, and contains everything you’ll ever want to know about sewing patterns. To be able to start a fashion line, you’re going to have to learn how to design clothes for your seamstresses. For this purpose, Helen Joseph-Amstrong is one of the best writers on the subject.

The Fashion Designer Survival Guide

It’s one of the best fashion books for designing and marketing. In fact, it helps you be one of the few fashion designers with a following among people. The book’s success is due partly to the author’s own experiences. Mary Gehlhar has worked for some of the most notable fashion brands, including Zac Posen, so she really knows what she is talking about!

Fashion – Oxford History of Art

Chris Breward’s “Fashion” is an important read for anyone interested in fashion. It covers the long, wild history behind fashion, and explains what fashion really is. If you are just starting out in the fashion industry and don’t know whether you’re ready for it, this book is definitely worth buying.

To start a fashion design company, you must first understand how most clothes are made and how they affect your brand. Elizabeth L. Clines looks into how fast fashion is affecting the way we shop for clothes and how we use our clothing. For business-minded design teams, this book is a MUST READ.

Fashion Design Course

You get everything from the basic principles to the detailed techniques covered in our course, plus the general terms used by designers. It’s like taking a class at school but without the horrible burden of student loans!

If you haven’t taken any courses in the field of clothing, shoe, accessory, or other related fields, then you’re going to need all the textbooks you can buy in order to be successful in the industry. Fortunately, Steven Faerm has written a textbook that covers everything from basic concepts to advanced ones.

How to Start a Home-Based Fashion Design Business

If you’re not sure where to start when starting a fashion design business, then this guidebook will help you figure out what equipment you really don’t have yet, which items you could use to save some cash, and how you can maximize your income without breaking the bank.

Most fashion designers will not start out by working in an Andy Warhol style factory in the heart of NYC’s fashion districts. Instead, they will usually start their business from home, and if you follow suit, then that’s where you’ll likely end up doing your work, too.


If you have any interest in fashion design but aren’t sure where to begin, here are three books that will give you everything you need to get started. They cover everything from fabric selection to pattern cutting and even include step-by-step instructions for creating your own patterns. Whether you’re looking to create custom clothing for yourself or sell your designs online, these books will take you through each stage of the process.

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